Save Money on your cell phone bill with Ting Mobile

What is Ting Mobile?

Just like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc. Ting Mobile is a cell phone carrier that uses the Sprint network. Which means you will get the exact same coverage that the Sprint network provides only much, much cheaper…and with no contracts. Ting only charges you for what you use each month. So if you can stay on wi-fi as much as possible, you can save $1000’s on your phone bill each year. Check out a snapshot of my average monthly bill:

How do my charges add up? Here’s the list:

$9 for 100 – 500 Minutes

$5 for 100 – 1000 Messages

$20 for 1024 – 2048 MB

$12 for 2 Lines

= $46


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How Do I Switch My Phone Over to Ting?

I’ve switched both an Android phone from Sprint and an iPhone from Verizon over to Ting by installing a SIM card and changing my number over from the old provider to Ting. You can follow this link to find out if your phone is compatible with Ting’s network but most are. The best part is that you can do all of this online and you don’t have to wait in line at your local Verizon store. Follow this tutorial on how to switch your phone to Ting. They will ship you a SIM card if you need one and you can install it yourself and surprisingly you don’t even need a college kid at the Verizon store to do it for you. It really is that easy. For the two phones that I have switched, I haven’t notice any drop in coverage. But you might want to take a look at Ting’s coverage maps to see what coverage will be like in your area.

Ting Rates

Ting never locks you into contract rates. You simply pay for what you use. When you sign up for Ting, the website will walk you through a selection of minutes, texts, and data that you can choose from to get an idea of what you monthly bill will cost.

Minutes: My usual for the month is 100 – 500 per month which is the average amount. You might need more though but your bill will only go up $9 if you happen to jump into the 501 – 1000 minute range.

Texts: Personally, I am not much of a texter. So we usually fall in the average 101 – 1000 text range. I’m sure a lot of people might break the 1000 mark each month, but even if you do, your bill is going up only $3! A great way to save on text messages is to stay on wi-fi if you have an iPhone and use iMessage and/or download GroupMe or WhatsApp which always use wi-fi for texting instead of data.

Data: This is the big one that scares people. “But don’t I need, like, unlimited data or whatever?” No. You do not. Because there’s this thing called wi-fi that you already pay for at home and most places you go now have free wi-fi. And your friend’s instagram posts aren’t so interesting that they can’t wait until you get on wi-fi. If you are able to stay below the 2GB mark, then you can save a lot on data. If you have multiple lines, this may be harder to train everyone on how to not use data as much. But even then you’re only paying $10/GB. If you have a lot of kids on your plan who are incapable of not using 10 gigs of data each month, then brush up on this article and teach your kids how to save on their own data. You can also set up alerts on Ting that will notify you when you have gone over your desired amount of data, texts, or minutes.

How to Save on Data

The best part about Ting is that you only pay for what you use. You won’t be paying for an overpriced unlimited data plan that isn’t really unlimited and you most likely won’t use all of it anyway. I thought that this was too good to be true at first but then I got my first bill for only $33. How did I keep my rates so low? I stayed on wi-fi at home and logged into the guest wi-fi at work. That way if I received app notifications or search the internet, I didn’t use any data. I also tried to keep my text messages (SMS) to a minimum by using GroupMe. Which allows you to use wi-fi for text messages instead of using data. Another cool trick is that you can actually download a map area in Google Maps and use it to navigate offline instead of using up data when you need to use GPS.

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